Featured Team and Partners

Mukul Gupta


A digital transformation systems architect and technology leader with proven expertise for execution of large-scale Cloud and AI-enabled Platform-as-a-Service end-to-end data mesh / fabric solutions.

Jim Staley


Enterprise sales leader who uses expert advice, leading solutions, and superior service and support for clients to out-pace, out-think and out-maneuver their competition in implementing tailored and curated end-to-end transformative cloud solutions.

Greg Kost


A seasoned product leader who combines excellence in product design and execution with his philanthropic and social impact mission. A unique leader who combines what he learned designing and building products with Steve Jobs from Apple and his years as a missionary.

Lyasia Schoolfield


A mission-oriented professional who thrives in being able to listen and understand customers’ needs and deliver optimal experiences. Learned the art of customer experience first in the fashion industry and as an events manager.  Now focused on optimizing experiences in healthcare.

Our team and partners are truly world-renowned.  Our top experts include international-recognized clinical leaders, the inventors of Decision Intelligence, the entrepreneur who launched the first CRM, as well as the most highly-cited human-centric Health IT scholars globally.   We have proven expertise in cancer imaging, information technology, cognitive science, healthcare business models, digital medicine, machine learning and explainable AI, and precision image reconstruction, as well as graphics and user experience (UX) design.  Our partners and affiliates provide powerful enabling cloud technology and software to support the rapid maturation and future scaling of our unique platform.

Featured Partners & Collaborators


Cubismi is establishing responsible business and technology best practices that we consider foundational for optimizing essential trust between healthcare professionals and patients, as well as trust in Cubismi’s systems. Our principles will ground the company in standards of Patient-Centric AI, medical ethics, and quality healthcare, as well as establish new standards for protecting users’ digital rights. While it will take many years to fully realize our goals, our principles are the cornerstone for our Trust-by-Design framework which establishes our responsible agile development pathway.