Moira Schieke, MD
CEO & Founder

Dr. Schieke is a digital health innovator, cancer imaging and MRI expert,  board certified radiologist, and CEO/Founder of Cubismi, Inc.  Dr. Schieke completed her fellowship in cancer imaging at Dana Farber Cancer Institute / Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston, MA., research fellowships at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD, and is adjunct assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  (


Dr. Schieke is an accomplished inventor.  She holds numerous patents for digital health innovation in medical imaging, as well as pivotal intellectual property for use of big data and machine learning to create images displaying super-precision biomarker classifications from medical imaging of human tissues. Cubismi, Inc. was born of the need to create new core cloud technology in order to translate these critical-need solutions for cancer imaging into routine clinical medicine.


Dr. Schieke volunteers her time as the chair for a IEEE standard for state-of-the-art open databasing for medical imaging, and is the founding member of MyData Health, working for patient-centric control of personal health data. 


She is also a professional artist and figure painter. 


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