Our Future

Cubismi is pioneering an enterprise Decision Flow-3D™ cloud that accelerates and organizes information flows to reduce  cognitive effort and help physicans make better decisions, quickly, while also providing decision-based analytics. The platform will create a seamless experience for physicians to make faster, more informed decisions, ultimately improving patient care while lowering redundant costs.


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Cubismi is


Cubismi’s enterprise Decision Flow-3D™ cloud platform is designed to create a seamless experience for physicians to make faster, more informed decisions, ultimately improving patient care while lowering redundant costs.  

The platform accelerates and organizes information flows to reduce cognitive effort and help physicians make better decisions, quickly.  Over time, it will increasingly enable physicians to ergonomically interact with, control, and decipher insights from thousands of pieces of data and more about a patient, instantaneously and simultaneously, through a powerful core patient digital twin technology.  

Healthcare teams and patients will be able to communicte more effectively using actionable “smartview” 3D visuals across its easily accessed and unified cloud environment. Better decisions won’t just be enabled, they will be measured using cutting-edge decision-based analytics called Decision Intelligence. 

In the short-term, DECISION FLOW™ tools will enable immediate increases in physician efficiencies and improve user experience, yet without disrupting current clinical practice. Over time, the platform is designed to increasingly eliminate hours of menial tasks for doctors and redundant costs, while decreasing diagnostic errors and reliance on legacy technology. 

DECISION FLOW-3D™ is also a precision medicine portal technology that is designed to enable – over time – access to the most cutting-edge “5D Cancer Computer Vision” precision technology at low cost, potentiating the value of Cubismi’s visuals. It will deliver increasingly precise biometric predictions, aimed at setting new standards for precision cancer care.

Cubismi’s core cloud human-information interaction system design stems from proprietary patient precision biomap ‘digital twin’ technology and revolutionary interface designs. All of a patient’s digital data is mapped to anatomy, driving both improved interface designs and prediction analytics. Once mapped, the stitched data can be compared to similar population stitched data to deliver predictions using machine learning and explainable AI, such as – one day – far earlier detection of cancer.

Personalized Actionable Visuals & Precision Insights

Emerge signal over noise

The Decision Flow-3D™ platform has been designed to allow a leap forward in physician human-information interaction capabilities. It harnesses the power of cloud-based information flows and precision analytics with the power of visual communication. Our core technology will someday allow doctors to be able to quickly sort “signal from noise” from vast data by seeing macro emergence patterns in patient body big data, yet with details available on demand.


Decision Flow-3D™ platform cloud-based tools for physicians are currently under development and include Interactive Digital Diagnostics tools and Physician-Patient Engagement tools.