Cubismi is pioneering responsible business and technology best practices that we consider foundational for optimizing essential trust between healthcare professionals and patients, as well as trust in Cubismi’s systems. Our principles will ground the company in standards of Patient-Centric AI, medical ethics, and quality healthcare, as well as establish new standards for protecting users’ digital rights. While it will take many years to fully realize our goals, our principles are the cornerstone for our Trust-by-Design framework which establishes our responsible agile development pathway.

Intelligence Augmentation

Cubismi will deliver Patient-Centric AI technology that will be used as a tool for doctors that will augment, but in no way replace, their intentionality and decision-making.

Control, Transparency & Accessibility

Cubismi will provide users with full control, access, and transparency of their personal health data within a system of coordinated patient-doctor data exchange.

Fiduciary Trust & Patient Centrism

Cubismi will use patient-centric designs, including Patient-Centric AI, that act to protect the interests of patients within a relationship of heightened trust and confidence.

Responsibility & Non-Maleficence

Cubismi’s platform will allow doctors and patients to act responsibly together to balance patient autonomy and doctors’ fiduciary responsibilities. Cubismi designs and establishes systems that support responsible behavior by all its users.

Open Science, Robustness & Explainability

Cubismi will utilize open science and open databases to allow independent validation of any algorithmic output used in patient care and ensuring robust data science. Explainability of the Cubismi system is also essential for ensuring system quality, and safety.

Safety & Accountability

Cubismi affirms that physicians play a critical safety oversight role for both human and machine components within our digital medicine systems.

Privacy & Security

Cubismi is founded on a privacy-by-design strategy that protects patients’ privacy rights and assures the highest level of cyber-security for the protection of patient data.

Dignity, Autonomy & Respect

Cubismi fully respects the dignity and autonomy of each user, believing that individuals should always remain in full control of decisions impacting their person, health, and well-being