A renaissance for physician experience will drive high value outcomes.

Cubismi is a physician-led grassroots AI-cloud company ushering in an era of radically improved quality and continually improved outcomes at significantly lower costs.  

We are using human-centered design processes to deliver novel decision augmentation and decision intelligence experiences that will enable physicians to drive personalization of each patient’s care pathway.

Poor physician experience drives worsening patient care outcomes.


Today, uncontrolled oceans of big data held within 1980's legacy Information Technology (IT) systems are causing exploding decision complexity for physicians. Legacy silos and interfaces impede physicians’ cognitive processes and communication. Exploding decision complexity, in turn, is leading to declining decision performance and worsening patient care outcomes.

As medical decisions and patient care pathways become more complex, traditional medical decision-making* using “decision support” IT is becoming increasingly aggravating. Today’s designs give little consideration to physician user experience, instead focused by IT engineers on machine processes.


AI workflows increase decision complexity

Today's IT vendors treat humans like machines and falsely assume good clinical decision-making can be reduced to a set of simple, quantifiable tasks. They assume “workflow” task elimination and increases in data points with AI analytics held in legacy data silos will support better outcomes.  It does not.

AI-automation and radiomics latched onto a decades-old decision support paradigm on legacy IT doesn't solve increasing decision complexity.

When AI is latched onto outdated IT workflows, each new output becomes another potential stumbling block.  AI point solution brittle failure rates are measured at up to 93%.*

AI workflow “point solutions” have slow rates of clinical adoption, despite billions invested.*  

The doom loop of failure

Today’s designs give little consideration to physician user experience, instead focused by IT engineers on machine processes.

Poor user experience in fast-paced clinical environments leads to slower decisions, escalating data chaos, and error-prone poor decisions which cyclically worsen physician experience. 

This Doom Loop of Failure leads to a cycle of decreasing patient care outcomes from worsening decisions, escalating operational costs from inefficient care pathways (often unrecognized), and increased effort to maintain revenues from impeded decision speed.  


Poor physician experience diminishes joy for work (67% burnout rates*)

Hospitals are losing radiologists at “hubs” for diagnoses, with many weeks report delays*

Increased costs are passed onto patients; medical bills are the #1 cause of bankruptcy in US*

~10-20% diagnostic error rates per leading analysts with vast secondary corroboration*

Patients are suffering with 800,000 deaths and disabilities in the US alone, annually*

It’s time for a paradigm shift to a new era.
To realize new value

New AI-Cloud technology brings a fresh opportunity to establish foundational "flywheel" capabilities for our precision medicine future.

Poorly-Designed Legacy Technology is Breaking and Fragmenting Decision-Making Across the Patient Journey.  Decision Complexity Is Increasing.  Decades-Old Task-Based “Workflow” Paradigms with “AI Point Solutions” Do Not Solve for Declining Decision Performance Across Clinical Care Pathways.

Decision Flow-3D™ is for results.

Using human-centered design principles, the innovative DecisionFlow-3D™ experience was designed to enable optimal focus and decision-making in fast-paced and high-stakes clinical environments.

This novel experience will enable augmented individual and team decision-making that’s highly accurate, contextualized, and fast - with dashboards to enable continual improvement.  Starting simple with radiologist experience as the fulcrum, our flywheel is designed to increase platform power and value with use over time.

We predict that elevated user experience will lead to faster decisions, more organized data, less errors and high quality decisions which will cyclically improve physician user experience.

A virtual version of each patient, powered by AI and DI.

The company’s patented technology harnesses the power of big data to deliver a 3D-time AI-enabled map for each patient (interactive and intuitive 3D models with digital twin capabilities). The radiology “hub” intersects virtually all patients and 90% of health data, the logical lattice for modernized 3D anatomical data models.  For the first time, our patented technology will allow cloud-based digital twins of each patient to include patient care outcome data, powering a new era of decision intelligence (DI).


Imagine quickly deciphering precision era care pathways.

Cubismi is the first clinical platform designed to augment decisions by removing decision complexity "noise" through structured data filters, while adding “street view” predictive analytics, "world view" intuitive order, and “best route” prescriptive analytics.  

Our unique Decision Flow-3D™ learning platform was designed by a radiologist to enable clinical teams to illuminate key information from massive medical datasets to efficiently decipher precision era care pathways — without the overload, stress, and burn-out. 

We envision that enterprise healthcare systems and physician private practices will use Cubismi's Decision Flow-3D™ platform to optimize each patient's clinical care pathway. The modernized cloud-based system is designed to enable a leap forward in efficient and accurate communication among physician teams and with patients. Practice leaders will have new decision performance dashboards with new insights and leveraging decision intelligence to continually improve clinical outcomes, increase revenues, lower operational costs, and improve patient experiences.

“We need patient care pathways and imaging pathways that are dynamic and continually learning what is better and what is worse, and combined use to inform what to do for an individual life.”

— Alexander Norbash, MD, Chair, UCSD Department of Radiology, University of California at San Diego, USA

The platform is under development and starting simple with tools and dashboards for radiologists and radiology practice leaders. The company plans release of its first clinical apps and tools in the coming year, designed to deliver an immediate leap forward and address major pains faced today in radiology clinical environments.

Our Decision Link Nexus empowers clinicians, clinical scientists and decision scientists driving the new realm of decision augmentation and decision intelligence for personalized medicine.


As we move into the future, our foundational DecisionFlow-3D™ platform is designed to empower physicians to deliver a "flywheel" of benefits over time across the full spectrum of patient clinical care pathways.

Cubismi's Decision Flow™-3D platform will usher in an era of continually-improved precision era outcomes and elevated user experiences at significantly lower cost.

Decision augmentation for personalized medicine™

***Please note that Cubismi's clinical tools and platform which require FDA approval are under development and not yet approved by the FDA.